BISS Ch. Navigator Sausimayok ("Navi", male)

Champion of Russia, Champion of RKF, Club Champion 2010

Eyes clear 2011, HD-A, ED-0

Date of birth 22.10.2008
Color gray and white
Owner Tatiana Goncharova, Roland Borchhadze


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Pedigree of Navigator

DOB 22.10.2008


Grand Parents

Great-Grand Parents

Great-Greate Grand Parents

(imp. USA)
Ch. Wind's Fury Jacob Trailblazer WWPDCh.
Storm Kloud's Llook At Me Now WTD/WWPDX
Storm Kloud's Hhere I Am
Ch. Storm Kloud's Ddear To My Heart WWPD
Wind's Fury Wintersong WTD/CGCCh.
Storm Kloud's Wwon'n Great Taste WWTDX/TT/WTDX/CGC

Rogue's Mystic Bijou
Ch. Storm Kloud Kiss'N Kill WLD/WTD/WWPDX BISS/BIS/AM/CAN/ ISR/Ch. Storm Kloud's Corner The Market WTD/WWPDX/ROM/CGCCH.USA,CAN,BIS,BISS
Storm Kloud's Keep The Win WWPDX/WTD/ROM
Storm Kloud's Hharmony WTD/ROM
Ch. Storm Kloud's At It Again WTDX/WWPD/ROMAM.CAN.Jap. Ch.
Kiska's Sundance To Victory
Ch. Storm Kloud's Tabatha ROM,WTDX

Int.Ch., multi-Ch.
Brad Pitt Del Lago Degli Orsi
Ch. Pandizucchero
Del Lago Degli Orsi
Am.Ch. Poker Flat's Yukon Law
CH.USA Storm Kloud's Can't Catch Me
Ch. Storm Kloud's Oonly The BestAM/CAN Ch.
Storm Kloud's Aall Systems Go WTD,WWPDX
Ch. Storm Kloud's Witchkraft
IntCH., multi-Ch. Destrukcja SausimayokCH,PL,Rus, ML.CH.PL
Storm Kloud's Hhudson Icy Wind
Storm Kloud's Corner The Market
Storm Kloud's Lick'm'n Leave'm
Comancha Huk AmarokCh.Pl.
Werdi Huk Amarok
Tatra Huk Amarok

Terms and abbreviations

CH Champion (AM-American, CAN-Canadian, PL - Poland, Rus - Russia, ML Multichampion)
Int. Ch. - Intentional Champion 4 CACIB-FCI certificates under at least 3 judges in 3 countries.
CD Companion Dog Obedience Title
BIS Best in Show
BISS Best in Show, a Specialty (All Malamutes)
BPIS Best Puppy in Show
WTD Working Team Dog (like on a sled team)
WLD (Working Lead Dog)
WWPD Working Weight Pull Dog (a weight pulling title)
X after a title means Excellent (an advanced title such as CDX or WTDX)
ROM Register of Merit (A male must produce 7 champion progeny, a female - 5 champions)

Some famous relatives in pedigree

BIS Am/Can CH Wind's Fury Jacob Trailblazer WPD, WWPD, WWPDX, TDI (Therapy Dog), ROM
Grand parent USA

Date of Birth 02.05.2001

Winner of BEST IN SHOW (BIS-1), Multiple winner of group (BOG-1), owner of different working titles WPD WWPDX!In 2008 Jacob became BOB (Best of Breed) in the most prestigious and representative show in the USA Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.  

BISS BIS AM/CAN/ISR/Ch. Storm Kloud's Corner The Market WTD/WWPDX/ROM/CGC
Great-Grand parent USA


Winner of BEST IN SHOW (BIS-1),
American, Canadian, Israel champion!
In 1998 Cash became 1 dog
in the USA among FINAL Top Ten Specials

BIS BISS EuW International
Ch. Brad Pitt Del Lago Degli Orsi

Grand parent Italy

Date of birth 03.08.2001

International Champion, European Champion 2008, Junior Champion of Europe 2002, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria champion, Grand Champion, Multiple Clubs Champion, winner of BIS and BISS.  

BIS BISS Ch.USA, CAN BIS BISS Storm Kloud's Keep The Win WTD WWPD WWPDX WLD CGC ROM Great-Great Grand Parent USA

Date of birth 02.03.1986

Winner of BEST IN SHOW (BIS-1),
winner of BEST IN SPESIALTY SHOW (BISS-1) - American and Canadian Champion, owner of multiple working titles, including WWPDX!